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Canon EOS-1D Mark III Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 8.56 (out of 10)
Preview: "The big story with the Canon 1D Mark III is that it's a better, more universally appealing professional camera for more types of professional photographers. I think a lot of intermediate photographers may want to make the jump as well (more on this on Saturday). With past Canon EOS 1D announcements, the big story was the incredibly high capture speed at reasonably high resolutions. The amazing technology required to dump high res images at high speed tended to dominate our coverage of these sport-tuned professional SLRs. But the scene has changed. The additional 1.5 frames per second isn't the most important improvement with the 1D Mark III, it's just a nice enhancement. The same goes for the jump from 8 megapixels to 10.

The EOS 1D Mark III isn't just for sports anymore. It's a more universal camera for the vast majority of pro photographers. With the multiple improvements in the new camera, photographers will no longer need to trade off resolution, image quality, and speed against each other. The 1D Mark III now has enough of all three to satisfy a huge slice of the market in a single camera body.

For a lot of people, when they look at the specs for the Canon 1D Mark III, the first thing they'll focus on is that it has a couple more megapixels than the Mark II N before it. It turns out though, that the image quality story of the Canon 1D Mark III isn't just about the addition of a couple of extra megapixels, it's about delivering more megapixels, while simultaneously increasing dynamic range, increasing light sensitivity, and improving tonality. That's an achievement of quite another order.

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Other Reviews For This Model

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Luminous-Landscape 8.43  05-08-07 Read Full Review
First Impressions (Summary): "Now in its third generation, (fifth if you include the "s" models) Canon's flagship 1 Series cameras need little introduction to professional and advanced amateur photographers. The new Canon 1D MKIII might easily be seen as a refresh to the model line, but this is not so. Though it looks much like any of the previous models it is in fact an almost complete rethink on the part of Canon of what a pro-level digital camera should be like.

The big news though is the new sensor and frame rates. This is a 10.1 Megapixel camera able to shoot at 10 FPS, for up to 30 frames in raw mode, and 110 frames in JPG. This is the first digital SLR that can shoot raw at this high frame rate, and now matches the Canon 1V film camera in that regard. By way of comparison the Nikon D2Xs, the MkIII's closest competitor, can only manage half that speed (5FPS) at 12MP, and 8 FPS at a reduced 6.8MP. ..."

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Lawrence Ripsher 8.25  01-05-08 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "... From the outset it (Canon EOS 1D Mark III) has arguably generated more noise (of the vocal kind) than any other camera in the market today, with the possibly exception of the Nikon D3. Leading the emotionally charged opinions on the camera have been photographers from all walks - some highly respected professionals, some skilled amateurs, some hopeful hobbyists and typically, an even greater number of users who have never touched this particular camera. ...

... The Canon 1D Mark III has become my new workhorse. It has all but completely replaced the Canon 5D I was previously shooting with, proving to me every time it is worth the extra weight and drop of 2 megapixels. Even though the 5D still produces superb high quality images, the 1D matches it in good light and is able to go that extra mile at high ISO settings. Likely along with the Nikon D3, it represents the best in low light shooting image quality. ..."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
Bob Atkins 8.00  04-03-07 Read Full Review
Preview (Summary): "Compared to an EOS 5D (full frame, 12MP) at $3000, the new 1D MkIII (1.3x, 10MP) seems like a better buy at $4000. It's certainly more technically advanced with dual Digic III processors, ISO 6400 and better dynamic range with lower shadow noise, a 14-bit A/D, a self cleaning sensor and weather sealing.

With a maximum continuous shooting speed of approximately 10 frames-per-second, for up to 110 shots, the EOS-1D Mark III is the world's fastest digital SLR. Bursts are first recorded to the camera's internal memory to ensure maximum speed and then transferred to memory cards for storage. The number of shots remaining during a burst is displayed on the right side of the viewfinder.

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Popular photography 7.00  06-23-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "Perhaps you've already heard about the feature set of this camera: ISO 50-6400, 1.3x conversion factor, 10 frames per second with a JPEG burst of up to 110 full-resolution shots (or 22 RAW plus JPEG), Dual Digic III processors, 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion, live preview shooting on the 230,000 pixel 3 inch LCD, sensor-shake dust removal, and a host of other upgrades big and small. ...

... The Canon EOS 1D Mark III packs an impressive mix of features and functions into a rock-solid pro body. Image quality is first-rate at low ISOs and it pushes the envelope with its high ISO performance - managing noise while maintaining resolution very well. It ups the ante in terms of auto focusing speed and range, ISO range, LCD screen size and live preview, and of course, that world-beating 10 fps burst rate. We expected something big from Canon this year, as the company celebrated its 70th anniversary and 20 years of the EOS system. It delivered a real winner with the Canon EOS 1D Mark III."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
The-Digital-Picture 7.00  12-17-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "With the Canon EOS 1D Mark III, Canon takes us another big step forward in digital SLR technology. Redesigned from the ground up, the 1D III has so many new and improved features that it is hard to know where to start. Actually, it is easier to start with the only feature that is not best in class - The 1D Mark III does not have the 16.6mp resolution full frame sensor of the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II. Otherwise, the 1D III is better in practically all regards. ...

... As I write this, the demand for this camera is huge - you basically need to get on a list to get one even after over 3 months of its initial release (unless you are willing to pay a huge premium). And I'm not surprised. Canon's 1-Series bodies have consistently been a no-compromise solution featuring top-of-the-line performance in all aspects. The 1D III is no exception. Once you use a 1-Series body, it is hard to go back. ..."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
Rob Galbraith 6.57  04-24-07 Read Full Review
Review (Summary): "This isn't a camera that can be summarized easily, but here goes. The EOS-1D Mark III is a 10 fps, 10.01 million image pixel digital SLR with an ISO range of 100-3200 (plus 50 and 6400), a revamped 45-point autofocus system and a burst depth of well over 100 Large JPEG frames (at lower ISOs). It features a 28.1 by 18.7mm self-cleaning CMOS image sensor, 3-inch (diagonal), 230,000-dot rear LCD, a lighter body and extended shooting time courtesy of the new LP-E4 Lithium-Ion battery pack, a new control layout, a Live View mode that turns the rear display into an electronic viewfinder, more-comprehensive and convenient camera configuration options, faster writing to both CompactFlash and Secure Digital (SD) cards and more.

In every area except autofocus, the preproduction Canon EOS-1D Mark III is the best full-featured SLR we've ever used, and its image quality is the best we've seen from a digital SLR in all ways except sheer resolution, where the EOS-1Ds Mark II is still the leader. If Canon can finish the job on autofocus, then the EOS-1D Mark III will be one of the most powerful cameras ever made. ..."

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