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Nikon Coolpix P4 Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 7.50 (out of 10)
Preview: "Nikon says the "p" in its P line of Coolpix models stands for Performance, and on specs alone the Nikon Coolpix P3 and P4 seem to come loaded with some pretty decent firepower. Both models offer a new 1/1.8-inch CCD chip with 8.1 megapixels of image resolution and introduce Vibration Reduction (VR) and optical image stabilization into its consumer-targeted Coolpix line. Nikon, like a lot of manufacturers these days, is clearly trying to find other ways to attract customers aside from rising megapixel counts.

There’s something definitely likeable about these two new Coolpix models. While the sleek, rounded metal construction definitely owes something to Canon’s latest top-of-the-line ELPH models, because these Coolpixes are cast from aluminum they feel lighter and more resistant to scratching. The 8 MPs in both cameras is impressive and features like VR are great ideas, but we’d like to fully put these models through their paces to see how effective the vibration reduction is in a variety of settings and circumstances. Also, while the P3features WiFi for an extra $50, the jury is still out on what the real practical applications this affords the user. Plus, it would be nice to see Nikon throw in their Wireless Print Adaptor for free."

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Other Reviews For This Model

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Photography Blog 9.50  04-19-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Nikon Coolpix P4 is the new top-of-the-range compact digital camera in Nikon's range, offering an 8 megapixel sensor, 3.5x optical zoom lens and 2.5 inch LCD screen. The Nikon P4 is identical to the Coolpix P3, but doesn't have the WiFi capability of the P3 (I have no idea why the P3 has a better specification but lower model number...).

The "P" in Nikon Coolpix P4 stands for "Performance", and overall this camera delivers on that promise. This is a fairly compact camera that you can take everywhere, which is well-designed in the sense that it is intuitive to use, rather than good to look at. The 3.5x zoom lens covers a versatile focal length of 36-126mm, and the new Vibration Reduction feature is a very effective addition to the Coolpix range, especially as the fastest ISO speed of 400 is rather noisy."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
Trusted Reviews 8.00  04-23-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Two weeks ago I gave the ultra-slim Nikon Coolpix S5 a bit of a kicking, which is not something I'm accustomed to doing to Nikon cameras, so it's with some relief that I turn now to another recent Nikon launch, the Coolpix P4, an altogether more serious camera. It is from the same range as the excellent Coolpix P1 that I reviewed here back in January, and shares the same high-quality 1/1.8" 8-megapixel CCD and 3.5x optical zoom lens. It lacks the P1's Wireless connectivity, but instead adds Nikon's VR optical vibration reduction, derived from the image stabilisation system from its SLR lenses.

In the Coolpix P4 Nikon has produced an excellent all-rounder, a pocket compact camera with a wider than average zoom range, a useful selection of features and options, and superb image quality. It is rather expensive compared to its immediate competition, but the extra money buys the quality and reliability that go with the Nikon brand. If you are looking for something a little more than the average snapshot camera it is well worth a look."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
ePhotoZine 5.50  04-03-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Coolpix P4 is the first compact camera from Nikon to incorporate their Vibration Reduction system. A special lens element moves inside the lens to counteract the movement of your hand, and it is claimed this system will give you a sharp image with a shutter speed three stops slower than normal.

The Nikon Coolpix P4 may not be the smallest, lightest or even most stylish compact digital camera available, but it makes up for this with by being packed with features and producing excellent quality images. The VR system is effective, although this can be offset by the limited ISO range of the camera as many newer cameras now have sensitivities up to ISO1600."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
Megapixel 5.00  07-13-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Nikon Coolpix P4 is one of two new Nikon cameras that share the same body style, the other being the Coolpix P3. The P4 offers an 8.1 megapixel resolution a 3.5X Nikkor zoom and a 2.5-inch monitor. IN addition, it integrates Nikon's Vibration Reduction system (VR). The body of the P4 is quite compact, metallic, with a finish that combines a satin texture and chromed highlights on the sides.

...while some indoor shot captured with the P4 occasionally require some adjustments with software for sharpness or colour balance, those shot with good outdoor light, rarely need adjustments. Indeed, the Coolpix P4 produces excellent high definition images that are very well exposed and print out beautifully."

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