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Samsung GX-1S Digital SLR Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 7.33 (out of 10)
Review: "With a resolution of 6.1 Megapixels, the Samsung GX-1S has enough on board to produce attractive A4 prints. Although we see many of its rivals offering a higher amount of pixels, a consumer should never trust blindly in the amount of pixels alone. Moreover, the difference between six and eight Megapixels isn't even all that significant, and the actual pixel quality is known to be much more important than the amount itself. The image sensor in the Samsung GX-1S isn't exactly a stranger; besides the Pentax, it is also found in the, for example, models of Konica Minolta and the Nikon D50 and D70s.

The Samsung GX 1S is an attractive compact digital SLR camera that leaves very little to be desired as far as clarity and simplicity are concerned. What's more, it is a camera that will grow along with the skills of the user; the Samsung 1S offers a wide variety of options that will come in more than handy as you expand your photographic skills. This also makes the Samsung GX-1S a very suitable camera for the experienced photographer looking for a compact SLR camera, perhaps in addition to a larger model. Because the GX 1S truly is a small camera."

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Other Reviews For This Model

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ePhotoZine 10.00  06-13-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The GX-1S is among the smallest digital SLRs available. Despite this it has a solid, purposeful feel to it, especially when loaded with four AA batteries. A deep fingergrip, coupled with the contoured backplate, makes for a very secure hold. The camera feels very well balanced with either of the two Schneider-Kreuznach lenses that are currently available.

Noise levels at ISO200 and ISO400 are low, as you would expect from an APS-C digital SLR of this level. Shots taken at ISO800 display a little more noise, but the images are still very usable. At ISO1600 chroma noise starts to become more prevalent, with midtone areas gaining a fairly strong pattern of multi-coloured speckles.

At this budget price point, the Samsung GX-1S packs a lot of features into a compact body. I was impressed by the inclusion of an 11-area autofocus system, which works well, locking onto most subjects quickly and precisely."

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Digital Camera Info 9.50  04-21-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Samsung GX-1S is a small, lightweight, 6-megapixel DSLR with a Pentax lens mount, 11-point autofocus, and a kit price around $800. It looks very similar to Pentax's DSLRs, which are tough, nicely styled, and easy to use. Predictions point to the sub-$1000 DSLR field as the expanding market for digital cameras, so it makes sense for Samsung, a company with ambitions in the photographic industry, to produce a model for this field.. The question is whether the GX-1S is the right camera to introduce in such a competitive market.

While there's a lot to like about the camera, the few deficiencies in the GX-1S, namely slow autofocus and unreliable metering, are unfortunately more excusable in a compact model than a DSLR. For consumers considering purchasing an ultra zoom, the high sensitivity, expanded functionality, and customization available on the GX-1S might be worth sacrificing the longer fixed lens. However, those interested in buying their first DSLR and investing in an imaging system might be better off saving a little extra money and purchasing a slightly stronger model."

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CNET Reviews 9.25  04-14-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Proving that a Pentax by another name does shoot as sweet, Samsung's *ist DS2 clone, the GX-1S, provides the same mix of picture quality, small size (for a dSLR), and ease of use that we saw in the Pentax-branded version. Beginners will appreciate its simplicity, while advanced amateurs should enjoy the bevy of manual features. But more advanced photographers, especially those who've used film SLRs, may be annoyed by the number of features tucked away in the camera's menu system."
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DCResource 8.30  06-19-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The GX-1S reviewed here features a 6.1 Megapixel CCD, Pentax K-AF lens mount, a large 2.5" LCD display, and the kind of performance, control, and expandability that you'd expect from a digital SLR. The GX-1L is very similar, with the only differences being the type of viewfinder and the number of focus points.

Overall, the Digimax GX-1S' photo quality was excellent, and what you'd expect from a D-SLR. Photos were well exposed, colors were very saturated (again, shooting in RAW reduces this), and subjects have a very clean, smooth look to them. Images are a bit sharper than on some D-SLRs, probably to keep the average consumer happy. Noise levels were low through ISO 400 and reasonable at ISO 800. Purple fringing wasn't a problem, at least with the two lenses I used.

If you're looking for your first digital SLR then the Samsung Digimax GX-1S is worth a look. It's inexpensive, well built, and it performs well in most respects. It's also a good choice if you have some Pentax lenses already, since they'll most likely work just fine on the GX-1S."

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