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Canon Powershot SD550 / IXUS 750 Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 8.52 (out of 10)
The Canon IXUS 750 (Powershot SD550 in the U.S.) is a stylish digital camera with a very good build quality. This is a seven megapixel model with a three times optical zoom lens. The IXUS 750 is slightly larger than an ultra compact, pocket sized digital camera, but is still small enough to make it easy to carry around. With a straightforward set of features it is aimed more at someone who is prepared to pay that bit more for a good quality camera to take every day photos with rather than a more serious photographer.

The Canon IXUS 750 is a very impressive digital camera. The images are really pin sharp and the build quality of the camera is equally impressive. At current pricings levels this camera certainly comes at a hefty premium. This is a very high quality digital camera nonetheless.

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Other Reviews For This Model

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Imaging-Resource 9.00  10-27-05 Read Full Review
With the PowerShot SD550 and SD450 Digital ELPH, Canon has once again stood its stylish ELPH digicams on end, packing even more features into the stylish compacts. The 7.12-megapixel SD450 and 5.0-megapixel SD450 have the same shell and specs as the SD500 and SD400 models (which continue to be available), but offer more options. Canon has retained their acclaimed optical viewfinder but matched it with a large 2.5-inch LCD monitor, redesigning the user interface to take advantage of the new screen.
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DCResource 8.83  09-23-05 Read Full Review
With the PowerShot SD550 Digital ELPH, Canon has taken a great camera and made it even better. While current SD500 owners need not rush out and buy it, those of you looking for a compact and very capable point-and-shoot camera should take a close look at the SD550.
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CNET Reviews 8.67  10-01-05 Read Full Review
A slightly more expensive version of the PowerShot SD500, which remains in Canon's product lineup, the Canon PowerShot SD550 comes with a larger 2.5-inch LCD and a new finish. Like its sibling, it has an exterior design that combines form and function more elegantly than any point-and-shoot we've ever tested. A Digic II-powered image-processing system enables the PowerShot SD550 to snap a limitless stream of 7-megapixel photos at a respectable clip, its start-up time is tops in its class, and it delivers decent photos when compared to its competition.
Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
DCViews 8.00  11-20-05 Read Full Review
With a 7-megapixel sensor, a fast 9-point AiAF autofocus system and 3x optical zoom the SD550 is now Canon's top model in the series, sporting a huge 2.5" LCD screen and an ultra compact stainless steel body. As we have come to expect, all Elphs are built like the proverbial tank and will be good for many years of photo fun. Our personal IXUS400 is now more than two years old and although its design and features are becoming a bit dated it is still going strong after more than 10.000 images.

Apart from our minor qualms about the tiny optical viewfinder, which is a bit awkward to use and only shows about 80% of the image area, the Canon SD550 is a welcome addition to the range of Digital Elphs. Its ultra compact size ensures you can take it with you wherever you go. Canon's famed durability and robustness will guarantee years of picture taking pleasure and its stylish appearance and good performance make it an excellent choice for the photographer who wants an easy to use point-and-shoot camera.

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DPReview 8.00  10-12-05 Read Full Review
Okay, so the SD550 hardly breaks new ground, and - coming only six or seven months after the SD500 it replaces - I'd have been surprised if it was. In most respects this is good news; the SD500 was a little gem of a camera (and the best IXUS / ELPH yet), and the SD550 is just that little bit better. Image quality is excellent (for a camera in this class), it's fast, responsive and reliable, and it is one of the few cameras on the market today that has a true 'luxury' feel to it, such is the quality of its build and materials.
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Photography Blog 8.00  11-22-05 Read Full Review
On the face of it the Canon Digital IXUS 750 is a pretty run-of-the-mill digital camera. A 3x optical zoom lens, 7 megapixel sensor, large 2.5 inch LCD screen - on first sight, it doesn't seem to offer anything different to a lot of other, cheaper cameras. And in terms of features, this assessment is an accurate one. What the Canon Digital IXUS 750 does offer, however, to make it stand out from the crowd is an undeniable sense of quality. No other digital camera that I've reviewed has the same level of sheer luxury as this one, in terms of design, finish, ease-of-use and images.
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Trusted Reviews 7.67  11-29-05 Read Full Review
"With its sleek Perpetual Curve design, the contoured all-metal body of the Digital IXUS 750 represents the pinnacle of Canon design excellence" says Canon's official website about the new Digital IXUS 750. I'm afraid I have no idea at all what a "Perceptual Curve" might be, but if it means that the 750 is a very pretty camera, then I guess Canon's right.

There's no doubt that the Canon Digital IXUS 750 is a great little camera. It is compact, superbly well made and simply oozes style. It also takes a damn fine picture. However the inflated price compared to other equally impressive models from other manufacturers makes it an expensive luxury.

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
BIOS 7.33  12-05-05 Read Full Review
"There are three things that strike you about the IXUS 750 (PowerShot ELPH SD550 in the US): its compact size; solid and robust design; and the large 2.5-inch screen which occupies most of the camera's rear. The fact that the camera offers a capture resolution of 7.1-Megapixels (3072x2304 pixels) is also impressive.

Image quality was excellent for a camera in this class. It's also fast, responsive and reliable, and it is one of the few cameras on the market today that has a true luxury feel to it. The Digital IXUS 750's F2.8-4.9 lens produced negligible trace of corner blurring in our tests, although it did show some barrel distortion at the widest setting."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
LetsGoDigital 6.47  11-19-05 Read Full Review
During a press-conference August of this year, Canon introduced a new line of digital cameras, among which the new Canon Digital IXUS 750 (Powershot SD550 in the U.S.) digital camera. This camera is the latest top model in the successful IXUS line of digital cameras. The Canon IXUS 750 succeeds the IXUS 700 and has an attractive stainless steel body. As far as looks are concerned, the Digital IXUS 750 does not differ much from its predecessor. It's safe to say that a digital camera from the IXUS line virtually always ensures a successful sale. The model has become a brand name in itself, an impressive achievement! We've used the Digital IXUS 750 in practise, our results can be found in the following Canon IXUS 750 review.

The IXUS-series of digital cameras has been a highly popular line for years. The new Canon IXUS 750 seems to fit in perfectly. Design enthusiasts in particular take a keen interest in the IXUS line. Specifications will have to prove that the IXUS 750 is more than just hot air. The camera has some impressive features, at least in theory. We have had the opportunity to test the Canon Digital IXUS 750 in practice during a considerable amount of time. Our results can be found in the following Canon IXUS 750 review.

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PC Magazine 6.25  01-21-06 Read Full Review
"The Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital Elph ($449.95 list) is the refreshed version of the very popular PowerShot SD500 Digital Elph-and in this case, new really does mean improved. Not only does it take great shots in a variety of situations, but its performance on our tests was better than that of the SD500. That makes the SD550 our Editor's Choice for ultracompacts."
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LetsGoDigital 5.00  11-21-05 Read Full Review
The first comment often heard about the Canon Digital IXUS 750 (Powershot SD550 in the U.S.) is that it is an exceptionally beautiful camera. We can fully agree with this. The camera's elegant round shapes and smooth look make the Canon IXUS 750 a superbly designed digital camera. Not only is the IXUS 750 beautiful, it is also very solidly built and comfortable to hold. A camera in which the combination of design and comfort are perfectly united, a rather clever concept!

The Canon Digital IXUS 750 is a very pleasant camera to work with. The key behind it, is keeping things simple, even the completely inexperienced user can start working with the camera without difficulty. Most settings are automatically decided by the camera itself. In this range of digital cameras, however, this should not be seen as a disadvantage. Nevertheless, there is enough to adjust via the well-organised menu or Function Button. The test results of the Canon 750 digital camera came out promising; the sharpness is excellent, there is very little purple fringing and the colours are true to nature.

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
Megapixel -----  02-01-06 Read Full Review
"With no apparent difference internally between the SD550/IXUS 750 and its predecessor, it would be surprising to observe a difference in image quality between these two cameras. Indeed, the only differences we noted could be directly attributed to the fact that the SD550 is tested in Winter while the SD500 was tested in late Summer and early Fall.

The SD550 is a well-built and versatile compact camera. It offers both simplicity of use when set to the Auto shooting mode or one of its 9 Scene modes, and the capability to capture more complex images when set to the Manual mode. Furthermore, it offers an excellent image quality when photos are captured using the Superfine compression level and the maximum 7-megapixel resolution. And now, at the same price as last Fall's SD500, the SD550 adds a 2.5 inch LCD monitor: that's a good deal."

Web Site Review Score Date Added Go To Review
Photoxels -----  03-27-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital ELPH is elegantly simple yet beautiful in its "Perpetual Curve" design, and the metallic body is built solid with an unmistakable feeling of quality all around. Despite its ultracompact dimensions (JeansPocketâ„¢ Certified), it handles well and controls are intuitive.

The Canon PowerShot SD550 produces very good to excellent image quality - and that is the main criteria that users would (should) be mostly concerned with. Add in fast operations with no practical shutter lag, fast and precise AF that works in low-light, accurate exposure metering, and one of the most elegant and beautifully designed body on a digital camera - and you can't go wrong if you are looking for a take-anywhere ultra compact digital camera."

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