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Ricoh Caplio R4 Review

Review Summary
Reader Score: 7.33 (out of 10)
Review: "Despite boasting an impressive set of specs - a class-leading 7.1x optical wide zoom, (28-200 mm, 35 mm equiv), image stabilisation, 6 megapixel CCD and big LCD monitor - the Ricoh is a bijou little fella, measuring a pocketable 95 x 53 x 26 mm.

Although we did have one or two problems with banding, we were won over by the R4's speedy operation, easy-to-understand controls and comfortable handling.

Most of all, we loved having a proper wideangle zoom, with the 28mm setting adding real versatility to the camera - now you won't have to herd your friends together into impossibly tight spaces when taking group shots."

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Other Reviews For This Model

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ePhotoZine 8.50  05-05-06 Read Full Review
Review: "There are smaller compacts than the Ricoh Caplio R4 available, but none which pack such a useful lens and impressive set of features into them. The camera is about the same size as a packet of cigarettes and fits my hand perfectly, with controls well enough laid out to operate with one hand. On the downside, my fingers did keep covering up the flash at first, although I could live with this. As soon as I realised the problem I adjusted my grip. The flash is positioned as far from the lens as possible to help prevent red-eye.

I really enjoyed using the Ricoh Caplio R4, having a long zoom range like this in such a tiny camera is a lot of fun, especially as it is equivalent to 28mm at the wide end. The price you pay is in the maximum aperture of the lens being only f/3.3-4.8, although in my opinion it is a price worth paying. Also the CCD shift vibration correction is very effective, with good technique long exposures are possible handheld."

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DigiCam Review 8.29  06-01-06 Read Full Review
Review ".. the Ricoh Caplio R4 is a new 6 megapixel update to the Ricoh Caplio R3 - it has a 7.1x optical zoom lens - this is impressive considering that the camera is roughly the same size as other cameras with only a 3x optical zoom lens. The camera's wide-angle 7.1x optical zoom lens starts at 28mm and zooms to 200mm equivalent, and has a built in lens-cover. The camera also features a "Vibration Correction" CCD sensor, much like Konica Minolta's Anti-shake technology - image stabilisation is becoming more and more common as an effective way to reduce camera shake and blur in low-light or with long zoom lenses.

The Ricoh Caplio R4 is a minor update to the Ricoh Caplio R3, with a higher resolution 6 megapixel sensor, a higher resolution screen, and longer battery life. I suspect that there have been more improvements made in the background as the camera seems quicker in operation, and I've been more impressed with image quality this time, particularly with the rich colours and good exposure."

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Photography Blog 7.60  07-13-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Ricoh Caplio R4 is a very compact 6 megapixel digital camera with a massive 7x optical zoom lens that is equivalent to 28-200mm on a 35mm camera. Most cameras of this size offer a 3x or at best a 4x optical zoom, but Ricoh have squeezed a 7x zoom wide-angle lens into a body that is only 26mm thick.

The Ricoh Caplio R4 is a marginal improvement on its predecessor, the Ricoh R3. There are very few changes in specification - just a slightly higher resolution LCD screen, simplified vibration reduction mode (only one mode in the R4) and the addition of one extra megapixel. Surprisingly, the increase in megapixels seems to have actually improved the image quality a little, with noise now starting to appear at ISO 200, rather than ISO 100 as on the R3."

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Computer Active -----  05-23-06 Read Full Review
Review: "Ricoh's Caplio R4 looks suspiciously similar to many of its predecessors, particularly the R3. In fact, the R4's case is almost exactly the same as its younger sibling, and the only significant change appears to be an increase in the number of megapixels the camera can handle - from five to six.

All in all, this is a decent general purpose camera with an excellent lens and a very good macro mode, but the level of noise on the pictures perhaps make it more suitable for outdoor pictures than anything else."

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Pocket-Lint -----  07-18-06 Read Full Review
Review: "The Ricoh Caplio R4 builds on the R-Series range, offering a svelte, well-styled compact digital camera that provides a level of specification and shooting options akin to a much more expensive camera. A new square-pixel type, 6-megapixel sensor provides plenty of resolution for larger prints or cropping and is ably assisted - on the spec side of things - with a comprehensive raft of features.

The Ricoh Caplio R4 houses a class leading lens with a sophisticated feature set that not only works but works very well indeed. Despite a couple of niggles the benefits easily outweigh them. True versatility, excellent optics and a wide range of shooting/image capture controls at a reasonable price should ensure that the R4 is very near the top of your list if you’re thinking of buying a digital compact any time soon."

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