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Review of the Dynaflo Liquid Armor Invisible Screen Protector for Phones, Tablets and Cameras

Review of the Dynaflo Liquid Armor Invisible Screen Protector for Phones, Tablets and Cameras

Review of the Dynaflo Liquid Armor Invisible Screen Protector for Phones, Tablets and Cameras

November 25, 2012 -- About two months I received a spray-on screen protector from Dynaflo to review.  The product, called the Liquid Armor INVISIBLE screen protector, uses Nano coating technology to protect the screen on your phone, tablet, or camera.   What makes this screen protection different is that it is applied as a liquid - which you rub on using a micro-fabric cloth, rather than having to align a plastic film over the screen.    The advantages are many - it's invisible, there are no air bubbles, no alignment issues, and there's no loss in clarity.  The disadvantage is that since you cannot see it (it's invisible) you have to trust that it's actually protecting the screen, and it's this trust, of something you cannot see, that will make you feel as if you should still go out and get a screen protector film instead.   I think after reading my review you just might feel differently.

I wanted to review this product because truthfully I really wanted to know if it worked.  I personally HATE plastic film-style screen protectors.  I have owned four or five smartphones since 2007 and have purchased and applied way too many film-style screen protectors over the years - yet  I never actually had a zero-bubble, perfect application.  I have come very close a couple of times, but never perfect.  Many of the plastic screen protectors I have tried reduced the screen clarity, making text harder to read, and virtually all of them needed to be replaced after a few months due to scratches and scuffs that form on the plastic film.  So while traditional screen protectors do protect from normal use, they ruin your overall phone experience with air bubbles, scratches, scuffs, and the fact that a plastic film over your screen will reduce the image quality and sharpness.

The Liquid Armor Invisible Screen Protector arrived just a few days before I received the new iPhone 5.    This posed a problem for me.   While I wanted to test it on the iPhone 5, I didn't have the confidence in the product yet to be willing to do a scratch test using a a key or razor blade like I have seen others do on YouTube.   If I had an older phone laying around I would have - but I didn't.    Instead I decided to do a more practical test and one that actually means something to me - real life use test.     This means using my iPhone 5 as I normally would;  sliding it into jean pockets that are often shared with keys, quarters, ear-buds, lint, sand, or whatever else might be sharing the pocket at the time.  

It's been almost two months since I have applied the Liquid-Armor spray-on screen protector and my iPhone 5 screen stills looks brand new - not close to new, not a few minor scratches, but brand spanking new.   Unlike plastic film protectors that, at best, only look perfect when you first apply them and then quickly develop scratches that you live with - the Liquid Armor Screen Protector protects your screen with an invisible and tough layer of protection that resists scratches and keeps your screen looking new each and every day.

Screen protection is the most impressive advantage of the Liquid Armor invisible screen protector, but another really big benefit is that it works with any smartphone or tablet you already own, and can also be used on your camera's LCD screen.   Since it's a spray that you wipe on, you don't have to worry about getting the one that fits your device.   Out of the box it already works with your device.    The product ships with a 0.33 FL oz bottle that provides up to 50 phone applications or up to 12-15 tablet applications.   Compare this with film style protectors that often require 2-3 wasted films before you get one that looks acceptable.

The kit also includes a dual sided micro-fabric cloth - one side is textured for removing dust from the screen prior to application, while the softer side is for applying the Liquid Armor screen protector. To apply just squirt one or two sprays onto the soft side of the micro-fabric cloth.  Gently wipe the LIQUID-ARMOR onto the glass screen in one direction for 10-20 seconds - avoiding circular motions.  Two sprays is enough to coat any standard mobile phone glass screen. Four or five sprays will coat any tablet or e-reader glass screen.

Once you apply Liquid Armor avoid touching the screen for just 10 minutes.   After 10 minutes you're all set to pick up and use the phone as normal, though the screen should not come in contact with water for one full day (24 hours).   After 24 hours you'll also want to buff out any haze or streaks using the included micro-fabric cloth.    

That's it.  Your phone's screen is now protected.   Each application provides anti-static, water-resistance, dust and scratch resistance for up to 6 months, although I would recommend re-applying it every few months since it's better to be safe than sorry.  Since you have up to 50 applications in the bottle this $20 purchase should last you a couple of years.

Keep in mind that this is a screen protector and will help protect the screen for use that would often cause fine scratches on the surface of your phone's screen.  I would not assume that if I had a nail in my pocket or something similarly sharp that this would be a guarantee of protection  - despite the YouTube videos showing otherwise.  With that said, my iPhone 5 has been in my pocket up against a keyring with at least 15 keys on it and yet the screen still looks fantastic.

I did have one problem with this product.  When I went to apply Liquid Armor to another device just yesterday (two months after receiving it)  I discovered that the pump on the spray bottle no longer worked.  I was able to unscrew the top to get to the liquid, but I would think the pump would last throughout the life of the product and not break after just two applications.

How does it work?

The Liquid-Armor screen protector uses nano technology to protect your phones screen.   Nano particles form a strong coating that bonds with the surface making it infinitely more water resistant and scratch resistant. 

If you want to be amazed by nano technology, watch this video demonstration.  Note: this video is demonstrating another companies nano technology that makes everyday items waterproof.  The Liquid Armor solution is most likely using a different nano technology, this will at least give you some visuals as to how amazing nano technology is.

Review Conclusion

If, like me, you hate the look of the plastic film-style screen protectors, but still want to protect your screen, I highly recommend the Liquid Armor Invisible screen protector.    It's invisible, but it really does work - just make sure to follow the instructions (waiting 10 minutes before touching the screen and 24 hours before getting the screen wet).    While I don't have the guts to take a razor blade to my iPhone 5's screen, I can tell you that the screen on my iPhone 5 still looks new, after two months of mobile abuse.

Where to find it?

You can purchase the Liquid Armor Screen Protector directly from dynaflo ($24.99) or through retailers such as Amazon.com ($17.99), Walmart ($27.45), and other retailers. Amazon.com not only has the best price but when you purchase using this link we'll get a small percentage from the sale as part of the Amazon affiliate program.

YouTube Video Demonstrating Liquid Armor

Video uploaded to YouTube by user Wes92479

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