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Category: Wildlife View Tutorial Categories

10 Tips for Shooting on Safari

Published by:  Photographic
Tutorial Preview:

1. Always Shoot Wide Open
The primary objective in taking photographs is that they are sharp. Unless you intend to creatively blur an image to suggest motion, sharpness is critical to the success of your pictures. With wildlife, you want to see as much detail as possible to appreciate the beauty and drama of your subjects.
How to Photograph Birds by Ken Rockwell
The most critical technical issue is to get close. If you're patient, you're in luck. If you think bird photography is as easy as snapping away
The Need for Speed by Apogee Photo
Speed. It doesn't kill, but without it a wildlife photographer might as well be dead. When shooting wildlife, you must be quick on the draw
10 Tips For Avian Photographers by JPGMAG
This article provides 10 great tips for anyone interested in bird photography. For example, tip #1 is "Research and read everything you can
Capturing Flight by Apogee Photo
A shot of a bird in flight has always been a challenge to photographers. Seeing a perfect print image only serves to make them eager to create
Zoo Photography by EZ Learn Photography
When we look at great photographs of animals we imagine the romantic life of the professional photographer traveling to faraway places, living
Photographing Wildlife, Part 1 by PC World
Safaris are somewhat passé. These days, folks are more likely to shoot an animal with a camera than a gun. Sometimes, though, that's easer said
Photography Chipmunks by Apogee Photo
"If you want to get photos of the chipmunk searching for food among the leaves, use fine millet birdseed; they love it but, being so small,

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