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Category: Underwater View Tutorial Categories

Underwater Photography 101

Published by:  thestar.com
Tutorial Preview:

In the old days, scuba photography was a prohibitively expensive hobby as special underwater casings for SLR cameras could cost up to RM10,000 and beyond. Also, there were a limited number of underwater-only film cameras. But with the advent of digital cameras and ready-made casings for them, scuba photography has become a much more affordable pursuit. For instance, the 5 Megapixel Olympus C-5060 digital camera and its casing (that we used during a hands-on workshop conducted by Olympus Malaysia at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort in October) costs under RM4,000.
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Underwater photography combines the challenges of (1) trying to make an aesthetic statement that hasn't been made by thousands of photographers
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Underwater photography has never been easier, yet many people return from diving trips disappointed with their results. You have only a limited

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