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Photographing Meteor Showers

Published by:  Starryskies.com
Tutorial Preview:

Photographing meteors such as the Leonids or Perseid is possible using a 35mm (SLR) or Digital camera. The camera must have manual controls such as "T" (time) or "B" (bulb) setting for taking time exposures. You will also need a cable release, a tripod or a very stable surface to place the camera on, for best results. The camera will need a lens that is between "fisheye" and 55mm. Lenses larger than 55mm will capture too small an area of sky.
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If you've always packed up your cameras as daylight fades, you’ve been missing a wonderful photographic opportunity. Night photography can
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"There are a number of common techniques which are used to tackle the problems of night photography. One of the most often-used of these is
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Taking night photos can be very satisfying. Whether on a warm summer evening, or a winter night when the chill makes all the lights twinkle,
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It can be very difficult to shoot at night. If you're using film and want the flexibility of a high ISO, you can end up with big ugly grain.
Turning Day Into Night by Popular Photography
It can be very difficult to shoot at night. If you're using film and want the flexibility of a high ISO, you can end up with big ugly grain.
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Night photography has an attraction all its own. There's something about scintillating lights from office windows hanging in the dark of the
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It's that time of year when you leave for work in the dark and return home in the evening in the dark, so it's understandable that your camera
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Night photography presents a special set of challenges because photography is based upon capturing light. In fact, the word photography comes
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Take incredible digital photos at dusk and at nighttime. Photograph the big cities at their most illuminating time.
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Many many photoSIG members ask me about my work of capturing night images including photoshop adjustments, post editing etc. Many of them told/
Star Streaks by Photo.net
There I was, up in the White Mountains of California, 10,500' high in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. The tree in the foreground is probably

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