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Filters Explained

Published by:  EZ Learn Photography
Tutorial Preview:

If you've read any photography magazine or book, or have hung around a camera shop you've probably heard of filters. One of a photographer's most powerful tools has always been the ability to use filters on a camera to change the image recorded, sometimes in dramatic ways. Today's current technology has greatly expanded the abilities of filters, and their flexibility. Filters used to be primarily for SLR and TLR type cameras, but now you can get Point and Shoots with filter capabilities and even digital cameras are getting in on the act.
Shooting with a Polarizing Filter by Adorama
Pssst...I've got this great new filter that can actually eliminate reflections!

A Photoshop plug-in?

Nope. It's a lens screw-on--a

Essential Filters for Nature Photography by Vivid Light Photography
The use of filters in photography has always been a sensitive subject in regards to creating images that don't "look real". Comments such as
Learn Everything About Filters by Photo.net
This tutorial on filters will teach you everything you've always wanted to know about filters and more. All you'll have to do is get out there

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