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Copyright and Photography

Published by:  Shutterbug
Tutorial Preview:

Photography is a wide-ranging field that engenders passion in its practitioners, and like all great forms of expression creates opinions formed through experience and reflection. In its early days one of the great debates was: Is Photography Art? This was the subject of many essays and heated discussions among players and spectators. Today, issues such as film vs. digital, format choices, the validity of computer generated images, photography as exploitation or revealer, and even the merits of ink jet vs. silver prints cause similar debate. We are opening this department up to readers, manufacturers, and retailers -- in short, everyone who lives and breathes photography and who has an opinion about anything affecting imaging today.
How to Copyright Photos by About.com
Copyright establishes your ownership of photographs and the right to payment for any use of them. Read this easy guide.
Copyright Law in the Digital Age by Apogee Photo
It should be noted that just because you own the rights to your work, this does not mean you have the rights to use your work. Issues such as
Copyright Registration - Who Needs It? by HyperPhocal
"For most photographers, Copyright Registration is not a well known part of Copyright Law. Some know what it is, but few know how, or why,
10 Big Myths about copyright explained by Templetons.com
"An attempt to answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and cover issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication.

ASMP Copyright Guide for Photographers by iStep.com
"This document is Copyright ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers, Inc.) 1991. It is distributed electronically by the online members
Recording a Copyright Macro in Photoshop by DigitalPhotoBook.net
Let’s begin our exploration of creating actions with a simple action that adds your copyright information to an image via the File Info dialog.
Can I Sell That Photo?? by HyperPhocal
"You and your best friends just got tickets to see your favorite band in concert. Being the photographer you are, naturally you want to bring

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