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Balancing Color

Published by:  TakeGreatPictures
Tutorial Preview:

With most digital cameras I've had the opportunity to shoot with -- and that's a lot of cameras -- I've been very impressed with the ability of the camera to render accurate color from the scene. Part of this has to do with the internal processing of the image, while a large part of it is a matter of the camera accurately determining (and compensating for) the color temperature of the lighting under which the picture is taken.
An Introduction to White Balance by PCReview
The human eye has a remarkable ability to adjust to different light conditions. Not only do our eyes have built-in auto-focus system and auto-exposure
Mastering Digital Color by Popular Photography
Digital printer manufacturers and imaging software companies make it look as easy as pie to get excellent prints from your digital images on
Eye-Popping Color by Photographic
Deeply saturated colors that appear to jump off a page command attention. Bold color can be so dominating, it can serve as the primary subject.
Give Your Photos a Velvia® Touch by Luminous-Landscape
Fuji® Velvia® remains a popular color slide film. It is a slow film -- ISO 50 – that is popular among landscape, macro, and nature photographers
Color Managment by the Numbers by VisionAge
Adobe RGB or sRGB: that is the question! There has probably been more written about the two color space options online in the last few years
White Balance by Megapixel.net
The white balance setting of a camera relates exclusively to the colours that are captured. White balance is critical to a digital camera as

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