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Exploring Close-up Photography

Published by:  Short Courses
Tutorial Preview:

One thing digital cameras are great for is photographing small objects—coins, jewelry, prints, maps, even insects—anything small enough to fit on a tabletop. You can put photos of your collectibles onto a Web page, sell them on an on-line auction, or make prints to file in a safe deposit box for insurance purposes.

In close-up or tabletop photography, digital cameras have a huge advantage over traditional film cameras because you can review your results and make adjustments as you shoot. If a photo doesn’t turn out as you’d hoped, just delete it and try something new. A film photographer has to wait to get the film back from the lab before they can make adjustments. By then, they have probably taken apart the tabletop setup or forgotten what it was they did. Take advantage of your instant feedback to experiment and learn.

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